Medical research


art_ES_may25_ChitraValve3.jpgBiomaterials research in India: from tissue regeneration to drug targeting technology.” IndiaBioScience, May 26 2016.

art_IS_jan2016_AHSD_Vijay_resizeLaunch of “Accelerating the application of Stem cell technology in Human Disease” at NCBS.” IndiaBioScience, Jan 28 2016.

colorectalUnderstanding cellular mechanisms opens up new therapeutic routes against colorectal cancer.” IndiaBioScience, Dec 2 2015. Study reveals potential genetic target for future drug therapy.

tea_leaves“Green” nanoparticles synthesized from medicinal plants.IndiaBioScience, Aug 11 2015. New research has used extracts from green tea leaves and vajradanti roots to create nanoparticle-based biomedical delivery vehicles that could one day be used to isolate and excise cancerous tissue.

news_may2015_prostate.jpgFirst large-scale study of prostate cancer sub-types in North India.” IndiaBioScience, May 27 2015. Screening of prostate cancer patients for chromosomal aberrations may help focus future research and treatment.