How to catch the wind_smallHow to Catch the Wind.Pratham Books, children’s book. Illustrated by Ivette Salom. What do wings, kites and a wind turbine’s blades all have in common? Each one’s motion is powered by the wind. April 2020.

The StorytellerThe Storyteller.” Dreamer’s Magazine, short fiction. Winner of Pen Parentis Fellowship for 2019-2020. Two children wander a deserted beach, in a world transformed by a storm. August 2019.

Catch a ride on raindropsCatch a Ride on Raindrops.Pratham Books, children’s book. Illustrated by Sayan Mukherjee. A group of kids go on an Alice-in-Wonderland-style adventure with the water cycle. April 2019.

IMG_20171107_North Park signStories in 100 words. This is a writing exercise I’ve been trying on occasion since November 2017, inspired in part by long walks to explore San Diego and help my daughter nap.

Wall painting in Bangalore

My City is Not My City.” A short story about the construction along the road to Bangalore’s airport, originally written in 2014 for a class on partitioned nations and divided cities at UC Irvine.