I have a life-long obsession with dance, from Ballet to Bharatnatyam to Argentine tango. Occasionally I’m lucky enough to get to write about it. A couple examples below…

Forbes India

milongaTracing the Argentine tango in India.” Forbes India, Jun 30 2015. From Buenos Aires to Auroville, from Turin to Mumbai, strangers find common ground in a century-old dance of human displacement.

Bodystorming Hits Bangalore

bhb1.jpgBodystorming hits NGMA: Dance versus powerpoint.” Apr 26, 2015. Brainstorming science problems through dance: An introduction to the science/art collaboration between biomedical engineer David Odde and dancer/choreographer Carl Flink.

bhb2.jpgDay one, NCBS: The zombie apocalypse.” Apr 27, 2015. Early evening on the first day of the Bodystorming Hits Bangalore residency at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), the sun is just beginning to set and the zombie apocalypse has arrived.

bhb3Day two, NCBS: Turning the world upside down.” Apr 28, 2015. David Odde, biomedical engineer, is being held upside down on stage.

bhb4NCBS, day three: Performing evolution.” Apr 29, 2015. Music from The Lord of the Rings movies is playing, echoing across the underground basketball court at NCBS where bodystorming has been happening for the past two days.

bhb5Day four, NCBS: Crossing the divide.” Apr 30, 2015. How do you facilitate collaborations across disciplinary divides? How can you get people from the sciences and arts to talk with each other in fruitful, respectful ways?

bhb6.jpgMoving to the next level – Seeing science through an artist’s eyes.” May 6, 2015. For me, this was the most fascinating aspect of the bodystorming residency: watching scientists and dancers build a common language over the course of five days, and search for ways to make their creative processes compatible.