Science & Society

art_ES_aug2015_Otto-at-desk.jpgGhosts of architects past on the Indian Institute of Science campus.” IndiaBioScience, Aug 28 2015. Repurposed World War II-era buildings give a glimpse into India’s scientific history. 

art_op_aug2014_fingerprintsThe uneasy marriage of science and art.” IndiaBioScience, Aug 25 2014. Within the Indian education system the sharp divide between the so-called cultures of science and art starts early. We are taught that math and poetry do not overlap, and then made to choose one over the other before most have managed to learn their mistake.

Biology Research Summaries

art_ES_may25_ChitraValve3.jpgBiomaterials research in India: from tissue regeneration to drug targeting technology.” IndiaBioScience, May 26 2016.

colorectalUnderstanding cellular mechanisms opens up new therapeutic routes against colorectal cancer.” IndiaBioScience, Dec 2 2015. Study reveals potential genetic target for future drug therapy.

landscape_tral-PulwamaAs climates change, montane habitats may radically shift.” IndiaBioScience, Oct 10 2015. Across the world, regions at high elevations have been warming at an accelerated pace—with average temperatures in the Himalayas having risen more than twice the global average of 0.7oC in the last century. What does this mean for the future of Himalayan forests, grasslands and glaciers?

news_sep2015_Nats_Whistler_scaleBushcricket duets combine discreet vibrations with sound to elude predators.” IndiaBioScience, Sep 24 2015. Predation pressure pushes bushcrickets to evolve new mating strategies.

tea_leaves“Green” nanoparticles synthesized from medicinal plants.IndiaBioScience, Aug 11 2015. New research has used extracts from green tea leaves and vajradanti roots to create nanoparticle-based biomedical delivery vehicles that could one day be used to isolate and excise cancerous tissue. 

news_jul2015_Palani-Hill-Sky-Islands-Ravi_KiranThe diminishing songbird islands of the Western Ghats.” IndiaBioScience, Jul 24 2015. Songbirds in the Western Ghats driven to high altitude “sky island” refuges by ancient climate upheavals now face further genetic isolation, as human action continues to partition the habitats of birds with nowhere else to go. 

PPI_test_wordcloud-black-2.pngStudy catalogues priority issues in conservation.” IndiaBioScience, Jun 3 2015. Co-written with Harini Barath. Survey by researchers produces a list of the public’s top concerns about the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in India.

news_may2015_prostate.jpgFirst large-scale study of prostate cancer sub-types in North India.” IndiaBioScience, May 27 2015. Screening of prostate cancer patients for chromosomal aberrations may help focus future research and treatment.

news_dec2014_forestAfforestation will help the planet—but climate change needs a deeper solution.” IndiaBioScience, Dec 2 2014. In the past decade scientists and conservationists have argued back and forth about the net effects forests have on global climate. G. Bala from the Indian Institute of Science suggests that while planting trees in the tropics could help ameliorate climate change, it is more important to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

news_oct2014_lantanaThe story of a river: tracking lantana’s relentless spread.” IndiaBioScience, Oct 15 2014. The adaptable garden plant Lantana camara has been spreading across India and edging out native species for two hundred years now, despite all efforts to control its growth. Scientists suggest that we could more effectively manage the plant by focusing our attention on riverside habitats. 

Scientist Interviews

art_conv_nov2015_amitabh_joshi_6x4On evolutionary biology, and a passion for science: Interview with Amitabh Joshi.” IndiaBioScience, Nov 19 2015. Thoughts on experimental evolution, problem-solving and how to pursue science with passion.

Anuradha-LohiaTen women, ten questions: Anuradha Lohia.” IndiaBioScience, Jul 17 2015. The second in a series of ten interviews with women scientists across India. 

Science News & Events

art_IS_jan2016_AHSD_Vijay_resizeLaunch of “Accelerating the application of Stem cell technology in Human Disease” at NCBS.” IndiaBioScience, Jan 28 2016.

news_jul2015_INYAS_logo_smallUpcoming membership call for India’s first young scientists’ academy.” IndiaBioScience, Jul 28 2015. New academy, with a focus on science education and outreach, hopes to build a network of young Indian scientists.

news_apr2015_COP21Preparing for Climate Negotiations in Paris.”IndiaBioScience, Apr 21 2015. Public talk by Jean-Marc Séré-Charlet, Minister Counsellor at the French Embassy in India. 

news_april2015_humanchain.jpgUnaddressed demands remain after research fellowship hike.” IndiaBioScience, Apr 15 2015. Protests by research scholars have been ongoing since 2013, with scholars across India demanding that their fellowships increase in correspondence with rising inflation rates and costs of living.

Image-1-BLM_WAM_BoysFly_2013-copyBodystorming Hits Bangalore at NCBS.” IndiaBioScience, Apr 14 2015. David Odde, Carl Flink and the Black Label Movement will be working with local dancers and biologists at NCBS the last week of April, bringing together scientific and artistic routes to creativity.

art_is_nov2014_groupphotoNotes from the career building workshop for women scientists at NIAS.” IndiaBioScience, Nov 12 2014. In a week-long program initiated and funded by the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum and the Department of Science and Technology (DST), India, and held at NIAS, Bangalore, the interactive sessions were run by a grassroots organization called COACh (Committee on the Advancement of Women Chemists).aqq

Young Investigators Meeting 2015, Live Blog

DSCF1744.JPGYIM 2015 live blog, Day 1: PDF Satellite Meeting opens.” IndiaBioScience, Mar 27 2015. The Young Investigators Meeting 2015 opened in Gulmarg (near Srinagar) today with the Postdoctoral Satellite Meeting. Over the course of the next few days, about 40 postdoctoral fellows will have the opportunity to interact closely with representatives from Institutes across India and learn first-hand about taking their research careers forward.

YIM 2015 live blog, Day 3: Highlights.IndiaBioScience, Mar 29 2015. On mentorship and non-linear paths through academia.

YIM 2015 live blog, Day 4: Highlights.” IndiaBioScience, Mar 30 2015. Funding woes, and problems of sexual harassment in science.

YIM 2015 live blog, Day 5: Highlights.” IndiaBioScience, Mar 31 2015. Random walks, rewarding research, and science outreach.