Embassytown, by China Mieville

So I’m tinkering about with wordpress at the moment, because I love its layouts & it’s what I always recommend to people, but I’ve never actually tried it out. This is me, summoned to the dark side, giving wordpress a try. Like all my blogging experiments, no clue how long it will last.

I’m trying right now to finish more books than I have been lately – where by “lately” I mean the past four years or so that I’ve been in grad school. I just went through my little list of books read by month since 2005, and added things up, and the number of books took a massive swandive every time I was in school – which is a little bit counter-productive, one should think. There are too many good books out there, I feel, to let academia get in the way of education. My aim right now is fairly modest – at least a book a week for the next few months; hopefully more (my to-be-read and to-find piles are about as long as I am tall, at this point, and I’d like to chip into them a bit before I turn forty). So my thought right now is that as I read books, I’ll write up little reviews / blurbs and stick them here. I don’t know if this will be of interest to anyone in the world but me – the hope, I suppose, is that it will be. But it may be nice to have a place to point people to when I’m raving about whatever I read last.

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